Meet Our Team


Cj Steezz

Owner and Founder of 86ixt LLC and Tuxedo Vodka. Overseeing daily operations over all services and products to maintain the vision of the original 86ixt brand. Cj plans to continue expanding into other industries, while growing the company larger creating more jobs in the Oregon community.

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derek Cam staff shot.jpg

 Derek Brown

Head of 86ixt Film, Derek is our Lead Videographer and Editor on all our media content and our clients media projects ranging from music videos, product promo ads, sporting recaps, weddings, photo-shoots, and more.

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kyle (1).jpg

Kyle Webb

86ixt Film Staff, Photographer, Videographer and Prop Builder. Kyle has a great eye for the right shots during big events and photoshoots making him a solid addition to 86ixt. Kyle also runs his own woodworking youtube channel “Webb Maker”, and with those skills from time to time he will build us certain props for music videos projects to custom promo stands for Tuxedo Vodka.

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Alexandra Chernova

86ixt LLC Staff, Oregon Tuxedo Vodka Rep., Alexandra is a queen of all trades wherever we need her to be whether it be Tuxedo Vodka promos at liquor stores, bottle fills, or helping with inventory deliveries. You might also catch her working the door at one of our many big events because she is a true team player.

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Brandy Brown

86ixt Film Staff, Yamhill County Tuxedo Vodka Rep., Brandy handles all the Tuxedo tastings in McMinnville, Newberg, and the other surrounding cities in the county. Brandy also steps in as our continuity supervisor on sets and locations for major 86ixt Film projects.

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