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The Views And Lyrics Expressed In 86ixt Music Are That Of Cj Steezz And Are For Entertainment Purposes Only. Some Of The Music Contains Explicit Content. All 86ixt Clothing Is Made To Order Please Allow 1-2 Weeks For Your Package Arrive. Clothing Refunds Are Accepted Up To 30 Days After Package Has Been Shipped. Film Services May Vary In Options Depending On Customer Budgets. Tuxedo Vodka Is Not To Be Consumed Or Purchased For Or By Anyone Under The Age Of 21. Please Drink Responsibly.


All Trademarks And Copyrights For “86ixt” And “Tuxedo Vodka” Are Owned By And The Property Of Cj Steezz. Any Use Of Logos Or Re-Imaging Of Logos And Or Products Is Legally Prosecutable By Law.